Operation Kitchen Organization (Part 3)*

Well folks, it’s finally time to wrap up my kitchen organization! If you recall, I introduced my plans for a more organized kitchen here and then I gave details about all the organizational items I purchased to help me accomplish this task here. Here is a recap of the steps I needed to accomplish to give me my dream organized kitchen: My goals

  1. Find inspiration for great organizational systems on Pinterest and other blogs.
  2.  Measure the size of my cabinets/drawers in order to make purchases.
  3. Make purchases of new organizational items.
  4. Plan out where to put everything, re-group items and purge unnecessary items.
  5. Apply changes/new systems.
  6. Beautify things!

Only one final step to go and thankfully it is the most fun part! I can’t tell you how much I love organizing things, but the main part of that joy comes from making things pretty!

One of the main reasons I decided to purchase clear storage containers for my junk drawer and knife drawer was so I could line the drawers with pretty paper that would then show through the clear containers. While on one of my shopping trips at Target, I noticed this green wrapping paper that was the perfect color for my kitchen. I quickly snatched it up to line the drawers with.

blah 028 blah 027 blah 030

First, I measured the size of my drawer and tried to cut the paper to the closest size as possible. It is okay if it is a little bit larger you can always trim it down to size or in my case I used an X-Acto knife. I used double-sided sticky tape to keep it placed in the drawer and then laid the containers back in the drawer. Here is how my drawers look now.

blah 034 blah 044

Next, I wanted to class up my mason jars a little bit, so I grabbed some leftover chalkboard paint and started painting the lid part of the jars.

blah 045

I wanted to show you what one coat of paint looks like because at first I wasn’t sure it was going to work seeing how streaky it was.

blah 053

However, after my fifth coat of paint (drying time only took a few minutes between coats) I had some great looking lids.

blah 025

Finally, I picked up a color of spray paint that I thought would match my kitchen decor and put a couple of coats over the twisty part of the lids. Here are my mason jars now all dressed up for their place in my organized kitchen.

part3 006

Lastly, I decided I would label all of my Oxo Good Grips storage containers to make it easier and quicker to grab what we needed along with labeling a bunch of the green containers I had storing stuff in our cupboards.


I picked up these Martha Stewart Home Office collection removable adhesive labels from an office supply store and absolutely love them. They are perfect for chalkboard markers and wipe off really easily.

kitchen_2013 (1) part3 002 part3 001 part3 005

Once I had everything labeled and assigned with my chalkboard markers I called this project complete!

I’m sure I will always be changing a few things here and there as the days go on since my needs will likely also be changing, but for now I could not be more pleased with how “operation kitchen organization” turned out. I’ll leave you with some final shots of my new organized space:

kitchen_2013 (1) blah 040

The beautiful new pantry!

I used the 4-sort divider to store by baking pans in and now I can easily access them without having to pull everything out.

Putting all my kitchen supplies in the magazine file attached to the inside cabinet freed up space on my actual shelves.

The cabinets above the stove now house all our oils, vinegars and sprays which used to be mainly in the pantry.

part3 005 part3 007


Have you completed a new organization project recently? Who else has found a new love with labeling things in chalkboard paint? What’s your favorite part of your kitchen? Mine is the newly lined drawers with clear storage containers!

36 thoughts on “Operation Kitchen Organization (Part 3)*

    • Thanks Molly, it was super quick and inexpensive since I just used the mason jars I had sitting around the house:)

  1. Awesome and I am now working in kitchen currently redecorating so perfect timing to add the rack. Thanks for sharing!

    • No problem Emily! I would love to see what you do with your kitchen redecorating you will have to let me know how it all turns out!

    • Thanks:) I totally agree with your statement about having your own special touch in a house that makes it all the more meaningful!

    • Thanks Amanda:) both the divider and the under shelf rack were purchased from The Container Store online. They have some amazing organizational tools I highly recommend them!!!

    • I just used some small screws we had on hand and screwed them in between the metal mesh into the wood. I just put two on top no screws on the bottom part since I couldn’t reach with the screwdriver.

  2. Fabulous job! Everything looks great! You can use the self-adhesive name badge labels & the chalk board spray paint for a cheaper [by quantity]/ DIY option as well! I did it for my kitchen labeling and it’s been great.

    • Thanks for the tip Emily, I actually just tried something like this for my hallway closets and your write it works just as well but for cheaper!

  3. Love all your idea’s & some I am already doing! I cut shelf liner 2 fit each spot it a cheap silverware holder 4 my drawer!! Made it my own (green) & then posted my finished project of fb! Several of my friends wanted one in their color!! :)

    • Melody I think that is a great idea! I lined the one drawer and used clear bins so you could see through them but my utensil drawer has a wood holder that I haven’t done anything to yet. I think you may have just inspired me to paint it or line the bottom with fun paper also!

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    • I used small screws and put them into the actual cabinet themselves for the magazine rack. The storage rack with the cutting boards actually came with a metal hanging that you put over the cupboard and it just hooks on. Eventually though I want to screw that one into the cupboard also.

    • No unfortunately that is not a picture of my bathroom. I had it pinned on Pinterest like you and probably showed up off to my sidebar were someone then pinned it from my website. Wish I could give you more information but I have been searching for the original source for sometime and have not found it yet.

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