Our European Adventure Part 1 (Lucerne, Switzerland)

One of the reasons I started this blog over two years ago was to document our adventures as a family or, in this case, as a husband and wife. Last month, my husband and I left the kids in the capable and loving arms of our parents and traveled to Europe to explore Lucerne, Switzerland; London, England and Dublin, Ireland.

When I started researching places to visit (and things to eat) I ended up finding a lot of travel blogs as my best source of information. I thought it would be nice to return the favor and document my favorite overseas adventures… especially my favorite places to dine out. I’ll cover each city in separate posts since I have a ton to cover, so make sure you check back to learn about our London and Dublin experiences.

Let’s get started with Lucerne!


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Life Lately

For starters, I now have a six-month-old baby girl who reminds me daily how quickly little-ones grow up. 6mo 005I have to say though, six months is around my favorite age for babies. She is so interactive now and just wants to take it all in and be a part of everything.

We still haven’t reached sleeping through the night yet, so I’m definitely looking forward to that milestone soon. Other than that, she could stay this age forever and I would love it. DSC_0080

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Blue Apron Turned Me Into a Chef

One thing I have never been very good at is cooking. More specifically, cooking anything exciting or inspiring. I’ve always been a hamburger, spaghetti or hot dog kind of gal. Once we had kids, it became even more of a challenge to cook anything different or prepare a healthy meal for my family.

I get overwhelmed when it comes to recipes that lists ingredients I’ve never heard of. Trying to find them in the store is another disaster. I would always end up frustrated and discouraged, which usually meant takeout for dinner that night. Recently, I read about Blue Apron on a blog I follow and the idea of not having to do any of the grocery shopping or meal planning really appealed to this frantic, not-enough-time-in-the-day mother of two.


We decided to give it a try for a month. Here is my review:

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The Difference between your 20s and 30s

I was putting lotion on my face the other day when I realized I was no longer bothered by my pale complexion. I know this thought is random, but it got me thinking about a time in my life when being tan all year was something I had to have in order to feel like I looked good. In fact, the more I got to thinking about it, the more I realized it really wasn’t that long ago (maybe 3 – 4 years). For fun, I sat down and started thinking about all the other things I used to find so important just four short years ago during my late twenties. Now, in my early thirties and two kids later, my views and priorities have changed so much. I decided to make a list and thought I would share it all with you!


In my 20s: I tanned all the time using no higher than SPF 8.
In my 30s: I avoid a majority of direct sunlight (for fear of skin cancer) using no less than SPF 30.

In my 20s: I got my hair cut and highlighted every three months.
In my 30s: I get my hair cut and colored (grey hairs – what?) maybe twice a year when I can justify the cost.

In my 20s: I would sleep in until 10 a.m. or noon on the weekends.
In my 30s: I can sleep in until 8 a.m. on a really good day, but 6:30 a.m. on a Saturday is probably more the norm.

In my 20s: I wouldn’t go near coffee… it tasted like death.
In my 30s: I can’t start a day without it!

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What’s to Come in 2015

This is how our 2015 started out…


…at 7 a.m. with three kids (3 and under) in our bed!

We spent New Years Eve babysitting my sister’s little girl. Add in our two munchkins and it was certainly an eye-opening morning. This picture sums up how I anticipate 2015 is going to be. Surrounded by a lot of kids and a lot of early mornings! Don’t get me wrong, I’m super excited for all of it. I’m loving this time in our lives… maybe just not the early morning wake up calls.

As we welcomed our second child into our routines last year, I’ve become a lot more relaxed with my goals and schedules. I’m sure you’ve noticed the random nature of my posts and the lack of house projects or organization tips. It’s not that I don’t want to do these things, I’m just no longer pressuring myself to come up with material if it isn’t something I have the time or passion for. My goal for 2015 is to continue to blog and write posts, but to do it when I have the free time to enjoy it.

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2014 Holiday Wrap-Up

december 043

It’s been a busy few months over here with the new baby and holidays, but I think we are finally starting to get into our groove and ready to take on 2015! I know it’s well into January, but you’ll have to bear with me for this post because I still really want to document our holidays. With two kids, it is harder to be entirely punctual, but that’s no excuse to not get things done. So, here we go with our 2014 holiday wrap-up:

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