DIY Printer Storage

Have I mentioned before that my dad is the best? Seriously, this man can build anything! All I have to do is ask and he delivers.

When we first remodeled our office a few years ago, we de-cluttered the desktop and moved our printer into a small, attached cabinet… out of sight and out of mind!


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Our European Adventure Part 3 (Dublin, Ireland)

Dublin was the third and final city of our 2015 European adventure. [If you are just joining me, please feel free to also explore our adventures in Lucerne, Switzerland and London, England.] Although I was most excited to visit London, I was also pretty darn excited to experience the culture and traditions of Ireland. I do have a little Irish blood in me, but more than anything else I’ve always wanted to witness the scenery with my own eyes. Naturally, this leg of the trip did not disappoint!

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Our European Adventure Part 2 (London, England)

Next up on our travel agenda was the one city I’ve had on my bucket list since I was a little girl dreaming of marrying Prince William (this was prior to him going bald). Out of our whole trip, I was most excited to visit London, but also worried about not being able to see and do it all in just three short days. I knew that my planning, scouting and prioritizing would be important to squeeze the most into our visit. So, armed with my list of must-sees and must-eats, we landed and quickly took to the streets (and Tube)!


Hotel we stayed at in London

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Our European Adventure Part 1 (Lucerne, Switzerland)

One of the reasons I started this blog over two years ago was to document our adventures as a family or, in this case, as a husband and wife. Last month, my husband and I left the kids in the capable and loving arms of our parents and traveled to Europe to explore Lucerne, Switzerland; London, England and Dublin, Ireland.

When I started researching places to visit (and things to eat) I ended up finding a lot of travel blogs as my best source of information. I thought it would be nice to return the favor and document my favorite overseas adventures… especially my favorite places to dine out. I’ll cover each city in separate posts since I have a ton to cover, so make sure you check back to learn about our London and Dublin experiences.

Let’s get started with Lucerne!


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Life Lately

For starters, I now have a six-month-old baby girl who reminds me daily how quickly little-ones grow up. 6mo 005I have to say though, six months is around my favorite age for babies. She is so interactive now and just wants to take it all in and be a part of everything.

We still haven’t reached sleeping through the night yet, so I’m definitely looking forward to that milestone soon. Other than that, she could stay this age forever and I would love it. DSC_0080

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