Elliot Nicole – One Month Update

When I last left all of you, I was on the verge of being almost a week overdue and ready to have our little baby girl. The good news is that one day after I posted her nursery photos – she arrived!

elliot 039

We welcomed Elliot Nicole on September 12, 2014 at 9:08 a.m. She weighed in at 7 lbs 7 oz and 20.5 inches long. She was perfect, of course, and very healthy. Since her arrival we’ve been adjusting to life as a family of four.


For those wondering how big brother Ollie is doing, I’m happy to report he is absolutely enamored with his little sister. One month in and he’s yet to ask us to take her back. He calls her “his” baby and loves it when she is awake so he can give her kisses all over her head. He is a big helper and likes to hold her and feed the baby on occasions. The helpfulness only last about a minute, but I’m still grateful. He hasn’t regressed at all (knock on wood)and is still doing great in his big boy bed and potty training. We made the decision to leave him in daycare/school part-time so I have both kids home with me two days a week right now and that seems to be the perfect amount. I’m not overly stressed out by the end of the week, which hopefully is making for a happier household this time around.

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Baby Girl Nursery Reveal

nursery 012Well we are officially past our due date and it doesn’t appear little girl wants to make an appearance any time soon. It’s all about the wait game now which I find the hardest part. Thankfully this time around I have an active little toddler to keep me entertained for these final days and I’m lucky enough to be able to continue working up until I deliver, so it’s actually pretty busy around here. One thing that I have been dying to show off is our finished nursery for our baby girl.

I’m very happy with how it turned out and even my husband loves it. My theme/inspiration started out with a card from my sister-in-law when we announced we were expecting. On the front of the card was this adorable rain cloud and from there our little girl nursery was born.

The overall theme is rain clouds with bright colors and light blue walls. I could go into a ton of detail about everything but figured pictures do a better job of showing off the room, so here you go:

nursery 030

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DIY Raincloud Mobile

Now that we are only one month away from the due date of our little girl, I am kicking it into high gear at the Wesolek household – organizing any and everything I can find, cleaning top to bottom and crafting left and right for the nursery. I believe that’s called extreme nesting.

The good news is that the nursery is almost complete; just waiting on a few more purchases to arrive in the mail and I think we’ll be able to call this project done for now. I have a few craft projects for the gallery wall I’d like to add, but those will likely not happen until after baby arrives – since we’re still without a name!

However, I am super proud and in love with the DIY mobile I made last month and have been dying to share it will all of you.


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Three is the Magic Number This Summer

It’s summer and I know I don’t have to explain to you how busy summer can be… especially when you have an almost three-year-old to entertain. We are trying hard to fill up our days together with fun and new activities for our little man as we enjoy fully this last summer as a family of three.

easter 054

Being almost 8-months-pregnant has definitely hindered some of those activities, but I’m still trying to get myself out there and do as much as possible. Being pregnant may limit some things you can do physically, but just being there to cheer on your little ones means the world to them and can lift your spirits too!

In June we tried something I’ve never done before. I’m bummed that it has taken me 31 years to try since we had such an amazing time. Both my little guy and I share a love of strawberries and one weekend while my husband was out of town, I thought it would be fun to get out of the house and try picking our own at one of our local farms. Spicer Orchards is my go to in the fall each year for pumpkins so I was pleasantly surprised to see that they also do fruit picking during the summer, too. June being peak strawberry season, I loaded Ollie in the car and we were off – not really knowing what to expect.


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Our Potty Training Story

1Any parent can relate to the highs and lows of potty training their toddler. My husband and I can now proudly say that we’ve joined the noble group of parents that have braved the war of potty training – the wet clothes, the carpet cleaning, the late-night cries – and (so far) we seem to have come out of it victors! I say “so far” because I know all about the regression phase that can happen (especially when a new baby is brought into the mix). For now, I’m happy to report our two-and-a-half-year-old is successfully potty trained!

When deciding to have children over three years ago, I can honestly say I didn’t give one thought to the fact that eventually I would have to be the one that potty trained them. I don’t know if I thought they would just one day magically decide to not wear diapers, but I definitely started freaking out about it this past winter due to the fact that we had a little boy and I was completely clueless on how to show him how to potty.

I researched online. I asked friends and family how they did it. In the end, I think every child is different and you have to go with what is working best for you and your child. I did find a lot of helpful blogs that talked about potty training, so I thought I would share our journey in the hopes that maybe someone struggling with what to do or how to get started may find some guidance or encouragement in the fact that they are not alone!

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Organzing baby item’s in storage | What’s in Harry Potter’s closet?

Things are really starting to get busy over here at the Wesolek household:

  • Last week my sister had her sweet baby girl and I am so smitten with her already. It definitely has me excited for my own little girl this fall.
  • We’re on the final three-month stretch to baby, we have kicked it up a notch in the planning department and organization. We’re currently working on collecting all the things we want for the nursery along with making sure Ollie is fully transitioned into his new room. [Did I also mention we’re going through potty training?]
  • Our weekends are also packed with summertime fun with friends and family.


Today though, I thought I’d talk a little about one of my favorite things – organizing! I am a self-proclaimed organizing junky and seriously love to redo anything if it means I get to put it back together in some new organized fashion. Back in February, after finding out we would be expecting baby number two, I decided it was time to go through all of our baby gear I have saved and put it all back together in a more organized manner so that when we needed something for the new baby it would be fast and easy to just grab it and go.

babyshower 057

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