Happy Easter Bunny! | Easter Basket Ideas for Toddlers

I can’t believe how fast the year is flying by! It may be that winter lasted so long in Michigan this year-  we just had snow on the ground as of yesterday! I think I’ll blame my slow preparation for the upcoming holiday on that. I did get the house decorated about two weeks ago, which I consider a huge success seeing as I decorated for St. Patrick’s Day only five days before it hit and Valentine’s day I decorated the day before.

I also have been out shopping for a few last minute Easter basket ideas for my little guy this past week. Since I’m probably not the only one putting off final Easter preparations, I thought I would share a few ideas for those toddler Easter baskets this year:

toddler easter basket ideas

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Faux Board and Batten in Ollie’s Big Boy Room

For some reason, each year around November I get the urge to makeover a room in our house. In 2012, I gutted and completely transformed our office. In 2013, I started the process of redoing our guest bedroom into what would become Ollie’s big boy room. Here are some pictures of what the room looked like when we first started brainstorming ideas.

flags 008

flags 007

Originally, I wanted to paint all of the room a deep navy blue and then bring in a ton of bright colors to help keep it from feeling too dark. My husband didn’t like the idea at all so I did a little more research and found this picture on Pinterest.

I loved the faux board and batten on the bottom half of the wall and by painting it white, the room still felt very bright and cheerful. I knew that it was something we could do in Ollie’s room and since we already had a chair rail in the room it would be pretty easy to finish up. All we needed were some thin lattice boards placed around the room evenly and then, of course, some paint.

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Dear Little Baby Shower

First of all, thanks so much for the kind words and congratulations about our growing family! I’m finally starting to get some relief during the day and hope to be feeling like my old self soon enough.

Back to business – this past week my adorable niece was born and I couldn’t be happier to welcome her into this world. She is already so loved and adored and I can’t wait to get my hands on her soon.

A little over a month ago, right around the time I took my blog hiatus, I helped host my sister-in-law’s baby shower! At the time we had no idea that it was a little girl we were about to meet, so the shower itself was gender neutral. I was really pleased with how everything turned out and how much fun it ended up being.



I worked mainly on the theme and decoration aspects of the shower, with my co-hosts working on the food and beverage areas. I’ll show the pictures of the amazing food, but won’t be any help when it comes to how they were made… I just know it was all delicious!

To start off, we went with a deer theme for the baby shower and a neutral color palette. Like I mentioned before, at the time we had no idea what the sex of the baby was so we had to plan for both.

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The Unannounced Hiatus

It’s been weeks since I last wrote a blog entry and I figured I finally owe you all a little explanation. I hope there are at least a few of you that missed reading about my projects because I’ve definitely missed sharing them! I never planned on taking such a big break from blogging (in fact, I still have a half-written blog post in my queue about my sister-in-law’s beautiful baby shower back in mid January), but life had other plans.

If you followed any of my not-so-subtle clues on Instagram, I’m sure you could probably guess my upcoming announcement:

The start of projects for Ollie's big boy room!

The start of projects for Ollie’s big boy room!

My epic hunt for my favorite brand of pickles... how cliche.

My epic hunt for my favorite brand of pickles… how cliche.

Well, my husband and I are happy to officially announce the growth of our little family. My sweet little boy is about to become a grown up big brother and we couldn’t be happier (well, once the morning sickness goes away). I’ve had a pretty rough go of it this time with some major sickness that started at about 6 weeks and hasn’t let up until recently (see: no blogging). It took all the energy I had to just get through the day. Thinking about writing a blog or coming up with crafts and projects was the very last thing on my mind and surviving the first trimester came first and center.

I’m hoping and praying that is all coming to an end soon and in fact just yesterday I was able to tell my husband I had an “okay” day. That was a huge moment and I’m hoping for many more “okay” days coming up and then some “good” days after that. With Ollie, I remember being sick a little past the first trimester but it didn’t start until 8 weeks or so. I’m hoping the early arrival of my morning sickness this time means an early exit also!

So for a few more details: I’m due September 7th (only 3 days away from Ollie’s third birthday). We’ll definitely be finding out the sex of this baby because I’m not a patient person and as we all know, a big planner. I need to know if I have to re-plan a whole nursery/wardrobe or if I can revamp a few things but still use a lot of my boy supplies. Another fun fact is that both my sister-in-law (due in March) and my sister (due in June) are having babies this year which means our family Christmas is about to get doubled in size. I’m pretty excited about all the cousins being close in age. Ollie is pretty excited when we ask but then two seconds later I think he is more excited about the banana or juice box he just got, so we have a way to go in him actually understanding what is happening.

I still have a ton of things to blog about to catch you all up on what has been going on over here at our household. I’m taking things slow and may not be back to blogging each and every week for the time being, but I’m almost positive that I won’t be taking another six-week break!

Thanks for being patient and thanks for letting me share our exciting news with you all!

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When life hands you a snow day, make snow ice cream!

The Midwest is pretty much snowed in and where we live in Michigan is no exception. We’ve received what appears to be more than a foot of snow and have some frigid temps to go along with it.

Needless to say, my husband wasn’t able to make his commute in to work this morning, which is great because Ollie’s daycare was closed due to the weather as well!

As you can imagine, the snowy pictures have been popping up all over Facebook and Instagram and with them came a suggestion from one of my pals (Hi Ashley!) to try making some snow ice cream. Challenge accepted. I quickly went to Pinterest to find a recipe and away we went:

For this recipe, you’ll need:

  • 1 cup of half and half (or milk if you prefer)
  • 1 teaspoon of vanilla extract
  • 1 pinch of salt
  • 1/3 cup of sugar
  • 8 cups of snow (luckily, we have plenty)

[In the pictures you'll also see that my husband added some food coloring so we had pink snow ice cream! Ollie added sprinkles and hubby added coconut - aren't they fancy!]

The recipe made about three good size bowls and we had to eat quickly because it melts pretty fast. Ollie and I will help demonstrate how to make it:

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Let’s Get This Year Started!

It seems cliché, but a new year is a great opportunity to improve your life and self. I’m throwing myself into this year with all that I have. As I quickly realize how short and fast life is, I want nothing more than to cherish every moment and truly live each second as the person I want to be and truly be happy. With that said, I’m pretty happy with my life and the person I already am, but I believe there is always room for improvement.

xmas 022I want to make things simple this year – no overly ambitious goals that will leave me feeling unaccomplished at the end of this year. Seeing that I now have this wonderfully blogging community to keep me honest, I thought I would share what those goals are:

Stop swearing. – You may not know this about me, but I have the mouth of a sailor. On more than one occasion I have made grown men turn around jaws dropped at the foul language that comes out of my mouth. I could try to excuse this on the fact that most of the time these have been during a University of Michigan football game, but now that Ollie is repeating everything and sharing everything with anyone that may walk past, it’s time I step up and be a better role model for him. I’m hoping my husband can help with some ideas. A money jar may be the best start!

Spend more quality time with my husband. – Since our son was born almost two years ago, we’ve yet to find, or actually even look for, a babysitter close by. We have always relied on family to watch our son on special occasions like weddings and adult events, which has worked out great, but leads to us only going out alone maybe once every other month. I would like to work on this and get back to some type of date night for the two of us. It doesn’t have to be every week or anything but I think it would be good for the both of us to get away from Bubble Guppies and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse every once and awhile.

Live simpler. - I’m not going Amish, but just in general terms, I don’t need so much stuff. I have a pretty bad habit of needing everything newest and greatest especially when it comes to clothes and toys for Ollie, but the truth is he’s just as happy playing with the toys as he is the cardboard box it came in. I’ve done a pretty good job of living simpler when it comes to me, but this year I would like to work on living simpler with my shopping habits for toddlers and home accessories. Only time will tell how I do with this one.

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